Sam Miller Consulting offers a spectrum of services to assist organizational resiliency, including:

Leadership support:

  • 1-to-1 consultations on workplace health, wellness, and critical incident management
  • Provide guidance on development of protocols to support workforce psychological health and safety

Training (seminars, webinars and workshops) for employees and people leaders on:

  • Health & well-being: Stress management mindfulness, resiliency, shift work, sleep, work-life balance, healthy relationships, coping with depression, anxiety, preparing for retirement, and more.
  • Workplace health: Conflict resolution, coping with angry customers, managing difficult people, preparing for layoffs, respect in the workplace, mental health awareness, mental health in the workplace, and more.
  • Workplace trauma:
    • How to recognize PTSD
    • Trauma, stress-management, resiliency training
    • Critical Incident Stress Management training for first responders
    • Critical Incident Stress Management in business continuity

Workplace trauma and critical incident response:

  • Leadership coaching and guidance during crises, trauma response coordination
  • Facilitation of 1-to-1, small and large group interventions
    Crisis response team training

Post-trauma counselling and stress management:

  • Individual and group