First responders, municipalities, financial institutions, military, airlines, provincial and federal government departments/agencies, retailers, utilities, public transit, telecommunications, public events, universities, healthcare, EAP and health benefit providers, non-profits, and individuals

Clients who Sam has worked with:

Veterans Affairs Canada, Health Canada, Toronto Police Services, Bell Canada, TD Bank, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario Power Generation, Ontario Caregivers’ Organization, Royal Canin, British Airways, York University, and Honda, as well as various municipalities and Ontario government departments and agencies


Veterans Affairs

Bill Foster, Director of Program Delivery, Canada

In the spring of 2010, Sam developed and delivered a webinar presentation on post-traumatic stress disorder for 25 of my career coaches at Right Management, each of whom works with CF members and veterans transitioning to the civilian work world.

For a small minority of our clients, PTSD is a daily reality, one that potentially can derail a smooth and effective civilian career transition. Even though our coaches do not conduct therapy, awareness of how to recognize PTSD is essential.

Sam’s webinar on the topic has given my coaches greater confidence in: a) recognizing the signs of PTSD in their clients; and b), employing practical strategies for dealing with its presence in the career coaching process. His vast knowledge of the disorder, coupled with his empathy, respect and compassion for those experiencing it, were clearly evident throughout the presentation.

Royal Canin Canada

Anita Brenner, CHRP, Human Resources Director

Sam Miller has worked with our company in several situations – both in facilitating group sessions and for individual one on one coaching. He has always provided insightful suggestions that are grounded in balancing the needs of the business as well as the individual’s needs.

Sam is quick to respond, flexible in scheduling and brings a broad range of perspectives to any situation. All of our associates that have worked with Sam have felt valued, that their “stories” were heard and that he was able to bring workable solutions to the table. In addition, his confidentiality and respect for privacy made everyone feel comfortable to speak openly and honestly. It is always a pleasure to work with Sam.

Eckler Ltd.

Todd McLean, Principal

We’ve tapped into Sam Miller’s expertise on more than one occasion and for a variety of things. He’s proven himself to be a deft and delicate coach to our managers when they’re dealing with complex people-management issues.

He’s delivered sensitive and effective therapeutic support to our staff when they’ve encountered difficult times. And, Sam did a superb job of presenting and connecting with our entire staff on the subject of Workplace Stress and the Employee Assistance Program at one of our annual professional development offsite meetings.

Over the years, Sam has proven himself to be a trusted advisor and effective counselor to our organization and its people.